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VERY rare low mileage 2004 Volvo V70R Wagon for sale. 107,013 miles, $8000OBO Florida

Your looking at one of only a few built, Flash Green over Gobi Sand leather interior, 04' VR wagon. 300hp AWD high pressure turbo 5 cylinder, adjustable 4C active suspension, Huge Brembo braked, Swedish rocket. NO rust, always been a southern car. I've owned this vehicle for almost a year, fixing some of the major things that go wrong with these vehicles at this mileage. I've replace the following in the last 2000 miles

-Complete Flame trap (PCV) system overhaul (no smoke out the dipstick)
-Timing Belt, tensioner, and idler pulley
-Intake Manifold gasket
-Volvo service for Life Software installed (all computers are updated with the latest upgrades)
-Front and rear camshaft oil seals
-Passenger side front axle shaft
-Drivers side front axle shaft
-Fuel Filter
-Coolant Flush
-Front Brake Pads
-4 Wheel Alignment with print out
-Both front a-pillars
-New gear shift boot
-Spark Plugs
-Full exterior detail, clay bar, polish, wax, with sealant
-Refurbished premium OEM radio, 4 disc CD changer

This vehicle is for sale due to the sole fact that I have too many toys, and a baby boy on the way. I already own 2 other family haulers, A Volvo V8 XC90 and an old Volvo 240 classic wagon. Yes, I am a Volvo enthusiast and and retired Volvo technician, I just simply don't have the room or reason to keep them all and am running out of time to spend with them. This is a garage kept example since I've owned it, ICE COLD AIR CONDITIONING, no leaks, hot heat, all power options work as expected (power windows, memory seats, door locks, 4C Active adjustable suspension with 3 settings (Comfort, Sport, Advanced) all shocks firm up instantly when activated with a touch of a button, factory Xenon HID headlights, power mirrors Fog lights, all things you would expect in a premium vehicle, ect)

Clean Car Fax
No rust, Southern car
Maintenance records

I am an honest person, so I'm going to disclose the issues with the vehicle, unlike other people... The Pricing on the vehicle is negotiable, given the issues at hand, if they were to be repaired the price would go way up. I'm leaving room here to make this car 100% Google Flash Green V70R and you will be amazed at the prices these pull when 100%....I just simply don't have the time given the little one on the way :)

The AWD is not functioning, It will NEED an AWD angle gear or collar, very common issues on these vehicles, this DOES NOT effect the drive ability of the vehicle, simply the AWD does not engage. It's a fully functioning FWD vehicle in that sense. Drive shaft, rear differential is all there.

The right rear wheel bearing is making some noise, very low, you can't hear it with the radio on but needs to be addressed

Very slight vibration while accelerating, seems to be the left front axle shaft, I installed an aftermarket axle shaft and it cured 90% of the vibration, but I'm thinking a new LF OEM axle will cure this

The drivers rear door and passenger rear door have had some work done to them, no reports to car fax, looks to have been just some cosmetic door skin work, and paint blend. I am super picky, so most will not even notice that, but I want to disclose this.

The Beige interior, its an 11 year old beige interior, my plan was to swap it out for the "Baseball Glove" Atacama interior and never sell, BUT as my wife says, my time has run out lol :) The drivers seat has wear, I tried to clean and condition it, but its as good as its going to get without a re-dye.

I am available to talk about the car, concerns, story time what ever you want. You want more pictures, I'll grab them for you, you want me to jack the car up and take pictures of the nook and crannies no one cares about, sure. I know these cars very, very well, and could guide, recommend your options. If you come to look at the car, I'm not going to talk your ear off, look, touch, drive, without the banter I get when buying a car off c-list. If you've read this far, you know what this car is about and it's rarity. I'd like it to go to a fellow enthusiast, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Call or text NINE-0-four 706 seven 666


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What county and city in Fl? I'm in Saint Petersburg. I also need to talk to the wifey. I have a '15 XC60 RD and V60 RD, and I'm looking around for a local volvo R to replace my '87 5th Ave.

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