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$8,000.00, would like to move quickly. Decided against BaT/Cars&Bids. Is currently on CL and here.

Pittsburgh, PA

2004 AW55-5X original Flash Green w/ Atacama S60R
Bought in 2015 with 78,xxx
As of 2020: 112,xxx miles
Full front end respray. Front doors, fenders, hood and bumper, had lots of stone chips. Done in late 2015, no longer perfect.
Timing and water pump service around 98K
4C rebuild with Monroe struts and IPD lowering springs (only modification) around 110K
BCM just rebuilt. New board, 2 new capacitors and a new power cable 112K
17" and 18" Volvo Pegs, not reps.
Brand new, never out of plastic Atacama floor mats included, along with original mats and a set of all weather Volvo mats from a previous V70
Newish brakes, also around 98k
New HID ballasts, driver and passenger side.
A lot more, its been 5-6 years of fixing and maintaining. All work done by Volvo specialist Casey Hamm at Star Volvo and his since started standalone Hamm Automotive. Have most if not all receipts on file.

Car would have passed PA state inspection last month. Could not sticker it as it is not currently registered.

Alarm module malfunction. (No sunroof or functional alarm)
Navigation doesn't work (screen still rises out of dash and powers on with button) This may just need a new nav disc? Never looked into this issue as Volvo nav is better at getting lost than finding anything.
Drivers side headlight wiper does not move
Cup holder lid on center console is in the trunk currently. (tabs broke off)
A few nicks and dings consistent with a 15 y/o 100k+ vehicle. Nothing noticeable at 5+ feet
Steering is a little tight from sitting. Will loosen up with use.

https://flic.kr/p/2jHwoPw luke stahl
https://flic.kr/p/2ipXLQM luke stahl
https://flic.kr/p/2k5Q4Mf luke stahl
https://flic.kr/p/2k5Q4Tc luke stahl
https://flic.kr/p/2k5Q4Pz luke stahl
IMG-0887 luke stahl

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FWIW, alarm + nav are both easy for a competent DIYer in an afternoon. Maybe $150 in parts from fleabay, less from a pick n pull.
Good luck with the sale, looks well taken care of!

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Looks great ! And so does the old gas station, very cool

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I wish I had the $ and excuse to take this car on! Btw you should change the title to include the price and get more interest.

2010 xc90 3.2 | 2008 xc 70 3.2
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