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125K miles, 4t9 motor is sized unfortunately. Driver's side Jewel headlight glass is shattered, corner is destroyed. The main headlight looks like it MIGHT still be able to have new glass put on it. Passenger side jewel + corner are available. Not sure if the tail lights on this car are the jewels, but passenger side is broken, drivers side is available. Can post a pic if anyone's interested. Steering wheel has had the bottom woodgrain crack in half and fell off, tried to glue it back already and it won't stick. Decent other than that, can post pic if someone else wants to try. Shift knob is in good condition, slight color change where hand sits, but the button isn't damaged. Surrounding trim is shattered. Glovebox and radio/climate trim is in tact. This car also has the Dynaudio speakers, I can try testing them if anyone is interested in those, had no head unit when I bought it. Previous owner said they recently replaced the soft top, appears to be in good condition. Car sat for approx. 1.5 years in their driveway. Had some mildew buildup on all body panels (see 2nd picture) I'm in Durham North Carolina

Injectors - available $50
Comet wheels - sold
Eggcrate - sold
Japanifold - sold
Turbo - pending
subframe brace - on my car
Jewel Headlight - see description