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2004 - 2008 S60 R Pegasus 18" Wheels & Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Tires For Sale or Trade for Comets (+$$) + Side Skirts

I have for sale the following items from my 2006 Volvo S60-R:

The original 18" R sought-after Pegassus wheels in Silver.

I am asking $1500 for the set with the tires OR if you have a good set of 17" Comet wheels, I would consider trading for those + some cash (actually a lot of cash but less)

The wheels come wrapped with a set of Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus Tires with excellent tread (2 or 3 are new!).
I had a rim & tire warranty on the wheels and had a couple of each replaced with new ones less than 2 months before I took them off the road. The tires are in great shape and have plenty of tread. The wheels are in good shape with some minor scratches. I believe one of them was repaired professionally but it wasn't bad and was balanced and found to be under 2g weights and holds air.

The A/S Plus model of the Pilot sports differentiates itself from the regular model with a different rubber compound designed to give you traction and performance in both the winter and summer. The upgrade alone is over $200 for the set. The tires alone which are like new are worth $1200, the wheels are worth another $450 a wheel retail.

This is an example of the Comet Wheels I am seeking:

I also have my original R Sonic Blue side skirts (the standard ones not the elongated R ones.)
as well as the front winglets pictured above.

The side skirts are in excellent condition. The winglets are damaged but in 80% good condition. You probably need to fix the winglets to install. The side skirts are $140 and I'm basically throwing in the front bumper wings for free.

Please PM me or email me for details.
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