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Hi all,

this is my first post, I’ve been skulking around here for not too long getting to know the forums.

I have a 2003 S80 2.9. Late last winter, while driving through some nasty snow, I got an ABS / Skid service needed warning. It went away after a few minutes. The next time it snowed, I got the same message, followed by ABS light, then BRAKE FAILURE STOP SAFELY.

At that time I did some googling, and was alarmed by a lot of what I saw: replacing or rebuilding ABS modules, etc etc. please don’t let it be that. I did run across a post somewhere suggesting that it may be a dirty sensor, and since I’d been driving through heavy snow, I thought… maybe? I took it that day and cleaned the wheel wells and boom, problem solved.

For a few days. By March the light would come on and stay on, and since April it’s been on constantly. Here’s overall symptoms

BRAKE FAILURE STOP SAFELY message comes on as soon as I turn the key to position 2 or start the car
ABS light
BRAKE light
Anti-skid light

My OEBD reader (which is not a volvo specific one) gets only one brake related code, P0571 (brake switch sensor)

My brakes work normally, and the brake lights work normally.

Checking for stored DTCs in the dash display comes up with:

BCM not checked
SRS DTC set (I had an SRS warning before this all started)
TCM checking
AUM not checked

^^That’s a lot of stored errors. A DICE kit is on my to-buy list, but I have limited funds to throw at this and I’m trying to decide what to try next. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Replaced driver’s side front wheel speed sensor (I did that one because it’s the one what seemed to clear it when I washed the snow out) - no effect
Replaced the BCM with a known working module (matched the original part number: 8671224)

Neither of those things did any good. I had hoped replacing the BCM would do the trick.

So here’s my question:

* Does the 8671224 module require reprogramming to be matched up to the vehicle. I’m getting conflicting answers on this. A local volvo shop is quoting me $200 because they have to do the 3 day subscription to get the software. That’s a lot of money. But the dealership is saying they just won’t do it, that the modules can’t be programmed at all.

* Those of you who have wrestled with this problem before: any thoughts on next steps? I was thinking replace the brake position sensor next. Pricing on that seems to be around $115.

* Those of you who have bought the knockoff Dice units from China — any gotchas I need to worry about? I do have the software working successfully on my laptop, so at least I know I can run it.

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So, while I was waiting for my Dice unit, I found a brake position sensor and the brake switch on a junkyard vehicle, total cost $30, replaced both.

Got my Dice unit, it verified the new sensors were working. But it also reported that the CEM / ECM / and BCM were not communicating and the likely culprit was that the BCM wasn't coded for the vehicle. So I bit the bullet and took it in, had the software reloaded. The answer to my question above: despite what the dealership told me, the software -can- be reloaded on BCM module in that vehicles. Plus, the good news:

ABS/brake failure light gone!

.I'm down to just a few error codes, all of which point to a malfunctioning DIM. SRS lamp faulty (causing a SRS service needed), a couple of other DIM errors. The volvo tech recommended rebuilding or replacing. I've got a call into the local junkyard to see if I can get a replacement DIM. Those apparently don't need to be programmed, so if I can get a used replacement today I'll drop it in.
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