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I'm a fresh owner of 2003 S60R Autobox, with 200.000 km's for a week now, and due to me being all new with this complicated Four-C suspension system ( ofcourse, the system does not work, several fault codes stored ), have a question if any expert for this system is present on this forum....

For the start: I have present codes below (read with VIDA, codes were erased at the end but came back immediately)
SUM 0135 Red Shock Absorber Solenoid (SAS), RL, Curr too low
SUM 0117 Yellow SAS, FL, Curr too high
SUM 0127 Yellow SAS, FR, Curr to high
SUM 0244 Yellow Control Module Internal Fault

With Vida connected, i tried to test ( on/off ) valve supply surrent for each side and results were:

These are results after individual test of each position, from off to on then back to off, next sensor,....

FL 0,50 A OK
FR 0,50 A OK
RL 0,02 A Not OK
RR 0,26 A Not Ok ( Thing is - when i clicked this as a last from "off" to "on" and others were "off", all the values at the others increased immediatelly from 0,02 to varios voltages - 1,34 FL, 0,82 FR, 0,47 RL, 0,26 RR )

Another reading goes: If i started as a first with rear right sensor position - it worked and showed correct 0,50 A with no interrfering with other positions, but once i tried again to turn on and of another position, and then again RR sensor i get again varios voltages at all positions...

The thing is - rear left sensor/solenoid has been changed with genuine new just a month ago....we tried to calibrate with vida - calibrated ok all four as vida stated calibration completed OK, but error codes remains....

Does it make sense to anybody - i am all lost - dont want to throw big money for nothing to be solved in case some smaller thing can be sorted :)

I hope it is understandably written for some expert to be "diagnosed"....


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Start with checking the connectors since you have been in there before. If they are not too hard to get to you may also want to open them up and clean them out with something like some WD40 and compressed air before putting them back together.

Also check the wiring to make sure its all properly clipped and not damaged and/or rubbing up against anything. When people start getting weird issues like this they often find that the wires are not properly clipped have been rubbing against axles and stuff like that.
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