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Major changes are (as most of you already know), the enhanced external appearance (incl. black eggcrate grille and color-coordinated bumper and body moldings), improved interior appointments (incl. now-standard and improved Hitra cloth upholstery), added customer convenience (incl. key-integrated remote), upgraded audio performance featuring the now-standard HU-615 system with in-dash CD player, increased engine power and new instrumentation (a four-dial instrument cluster). The increased HP (from 160 to 170) will take place later in the model year.

The Sport Package will include 12-spoke Galactica 16" alloys while the standard wheels will be the 15" Stellar (10-spokes) found on 2002 models with the Sport package.

The speakers will be improved, so will the audio reception.

The steering wheel will be three-spoked.

New spoilers (for both models).

All colors will be clearcoated.

If car is equipped with the Premium Package, the handbrake and gearshift lever will be leather-wrapped.

The 1.9T badge will be eliminated.

New colors are #352 Silver Green Metallic which will replace #348 Bamboo Green Metallic. Also, #351 Maya Gold Metallic (yikes) will replace #344 Desert Wind Metallic (double yikes).

ISO-FIX baby/child seat attachment system will be on all 2003 models.

If the central lock is activated when an accident iccurs that results in air bag deployment, a signal will be sent to unlock all the doors, thus making it easier for emergency personnel to open them.

DEADLOCK SYSTEM: If someone brakes a window and then reaches in to open the door, he will soon find out that the doors can't be opened from the inside. This dedalock system activates shortly after the vehicle is locked. If necessary, it can be disabled, and a person remaining inside the vehicle will be able to open the door using the handle.

The audio system is integrated into the vehicle's electrical system, which makes it impossible to use in another vehicle, thus deterring theft.

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