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SOLD--2002 XC70-68K miles. $10.6 OBO--SOLD

Hello. This my first post...Please go easy if I mess something up.

'02 XC for sale, located in Milwaukee, WI. Black ext, Sand int. (the lighter tan vs. what I think is Taupe). Tellus rims with Continental Premier Contact-20k on this set. I am the second owner. It was purchased originally by a local (Milwaukee) family and sold to me at 17k miles-they got a company car. It was maintained throughout warranty life at Jenkins Volvo and then at a local Volvo specialist oscarmotorcars.com. Has had it's 60k service and at the same time it's rear brake pads replaced and front links.

I don't have the original sticker but it is equipped with the Premium package and aspects of both the Touring and Versatility packages-yes boosters, yes cargo outlet, no 3rd row, no dark tint, no nav.

I've had no issues with the car whatsoever. That said, the functional nitpicks are: occasionally a CD will not read and gives a CD Error message, reinserting the disk tends to solve it. The latch on the center storage armrest is broken on one side. It snaps shut but isn't perfect to the touch. Thanks to a coffee splash the "W" button sometimes sticks. Personally, I never use it and if my better half hadn't confessed I'd never now. Engaging manual shift takes care of it.

The exterior has a few dings and scratches. From 5 feet the car looks flawless. Interior finish is good/no excessive wear.

I will do my best to provide accurate and complete information but please feel free to contact me to discuss. KKB private sale range is $10-$11.6K. My price ($10.6k) is on the lower end based on described condition. Because people tend to ask, I am selling because we have 2 XC's and my somewhat boring midlife crisis is pushing me towards a V70R…a huge step out don't you think?? Thanks for reviewing.

I have photos I can email and will try and post them as well.


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