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2002 Volvo S60 T5 5-Speed Manual.

Hello guys! I'm selling my 2002 Blue S60 T5 with 162k miles.

I am located in San Bernardino, California. 92407 Area code.
Best way to get ahold of me is to text me at (760)-596-9927. PLEASE text. My work schedule is nuts and if you wake me up by calling when I am only gonna be getting 4hrs sleep...
I bought this car late last year, and never had intended on selling it. However I ended up finding a 2004 SR, and I can't afford to keep this car. I have driven it to Vegas 3 times, San Diego multiple times, and AZ once. I put about 15k miles on it in 4 months. Never let me down.

Onto the good bits!
-Blue cloth/Black leather interior.
-The special sound system? Idk, it has the dolby option on the radio and the dash speaker (all speakers work).
-A-pillars replaced from cloth the plastic.
-New tires.
-New hood and trunk shocks (You only have to get clobbered by the hood once to make you buy new ones lol).
-New Volvo spark plugs from FCP Euro.
-I have the full PCV system service, but it's not installed, it's in the trunk.
-New radiator
-New shocks
-New upper and lower toque mounts.
-Trans fluid replaced.
-Oil change at 161k (about 1,000-1500 miles ago).

Onto the not so good bits:
-It is a salvage title. It needs a new front bumper for sure.
-The passenger side axle seal leaks. Mind you the trans isn't empty, but I believe it's about a half a qt low. I already replaced it once but I think I did it wrong because it's still leaking.
-The sunroof works just fine, but for some reason doesn't close without manually setting the close height. I know that's not very descriptive, but it does seal if you manually close it using the buttons.
-The shifter is floppy, because the PO didn't replace the plastic bushing and it wore down the ball that selects gears. It doesn't affect the drivability.
-The drivers seat bolster foam is gone. The PO stitched it up so it didn't get worse, so I guess one could restuff it. When I asked an upholstery shop, they told me it would be about 50 bucks to do it.
-The MPG/Instant MPG display freaks out sometimes. I'm told that this is normal for 2002 cars. It's annoying, but again doest affect drivability. Most of the time it works fine.
-It takes a while to crank every so often. Basically you have to hold the key for 1-3 seconds instead of the instant start it normally does. It's done this since I bought the car, but has never failed to start.

One note about my pics. For some reason the blue seats look REALLY washed out in the pics. They are definitely more blue in real life.

Price: 2,500$.

Link to Album.


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