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2001 T5 Navigation System Questions

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I recently acquired a pre-owned 2001 S60 T5, and I've been searching for info on the navigation system for several days without any luck. Please help if you can.

My question: My car is equipped with the dash-mounted navigation display screen and the steering wheel navigation controls. However, when the screen rises out of the dash, it displays the following message - "NO DATA DISCS ARE LOADED IN THE SYSTEMS CD CHANGER. PLEASE LOAD CD-ROM DATA DISC(S)". This may not be verbatim, but it is close.

Here's my confusion. My car only has an HU-613 stereo with a single in-dash CD. To the best of my knowlege, there is no CD changer.

Before I spring for $180 to buy a NAVTECH data disc, I want to ensure that my system is truly ready to use it.

Can the map data disc be read by the in-dash CD player, or must I install a factory changer in order to use the navigation system? Or am I overlooking something obvious?

I apologize for such a silly question, but I've read the owner's manual cover to cover and it does not even mention the words "navigation" or "GPS" anywhere. I am at a loss.

Thanks - TNT
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The Nav system uses a separate CD changer hidden in the left wall of the trunk of your S60.

The previous owner should have given you a CD map for your area of the country. If not NavTech can help.

I found it. It was exactly where you said it would be. No map discs...but at least I'm on the right track now. Never would have found it without your tip. Thanks.

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