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I hate O'rielly's! I was low on power steering fluid and walked into an O'Rielly's auto store and said "I have a 2001 Volvo cross country and I need some power steering fluid. Does this car take anything special?"

The guy behind the counter says "Nope, regular power steering fluid is fine."

Then I come to find out that he is wrong and I need some hoytie toyie CH118A that costs 35/QT.

Questions I have:
1. Has anyone else had a power steering leak in their 2001 or later XC and if so, what was the cause of the leak.

2. Exactly what is the correct fluid called?

3. Any ideas on how to deal with O'rielly's or is it a lost cause. I mean I spent $198 for a power steering flush because of the bonehead.
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