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I know this has been covered many times and trust me i have read all of them and they just make me more and more confused.

So i installed HID kit 6000k 35w kit and now i get the dipped bulb out warning message with the triangle exclamation mark.

I tried the "drill the hole in the CEM shunt" trick, didn't work.

I'd rather not get a whole new HID set as the cost of a new one and paying a auto electrician to install it is not preferable.

I have bought some HID warning cancellers (capacitor type), now the plugs semm to fit perfectly between the Ballast and the HID bulbs. Is that where they are suppose to go or between the car harness and the ballast ?

I also purchased 55w load resistor type warning cancellers because i wasn't sure which i needed.

Thanks in advanced.
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