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I am picking up a 2000 XC70 with a bad headgasket. Looks like the owner drove it some distance after the headgasket popped. The plastic valve cover is melted and distorted and oil is leaking everywhere. I'm assuming the head is warped and who knows what else is wrong.

So with that being said, i'm looking for a good engine. If you have one in a car, I would like to hear it run before removal. If you have already removed it from the car...hopefully you took a video of it running. I don't want something that has a light ticking or needs work, just a stock turn-key engine. Mileage isn't important but I want to see one that has been maintained. No biggee if it needs timing belt, cam seals, pcv box...I just don't want to spend the time replacing my engine with yours only to find out the upper valve train is noisey or needs work.

I live in northwest Connecticut and I do have an engine hoist. Let me know what you have with mileage, location, why you are selling it and, a price.

Thanks a bunch!
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