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2000 Volvo S70 GLT Missing Starter Motor Relay

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Hey everyone! Been a little while since I posted and since then I have found a new problem. Ever since I've had the car there has been a missing relay in the main fuse box which I found out was the starter motor. Well obviously since the car runs and starts fine, what should I do about this missing relay? I pulled the relay from a local lkq near me and installed it in the missing space; fit fine, started up fine and ran like normal. Here are some pictures :
Missing Relay:

Relay I pulled:



Runs/Starts Just Fine

NOTE: The CEL is from pnp, abs and evap issues. I've yet to check if installing the "new" relay threw any new codes.

All help is appreciated, sorry for the absence!


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That yellow relay is the exact same relay as the blue one, the yellow is the older one, blue is the newer version that volvo did of it, you dont actually need that relay, the starter motor relay is the Grey one and the blue/yellow is the fuel system main relay.. do not mistake this one with the red ( fuel PUMP RELAY )
Missing relay was air pump, which the car does not have. Thats factory. No need to add it.
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