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time to replace the absolute best, most comfortable trip car i've ever owned

2000 v70r silver on black
154k-ish miles
automatic running only the front wheels, repeat...car is not running awd and has not for the past 45k miles
full upgraded stereo
- valor 650tt dvd, cd unit that also plays thr 5.0 surround with movies. the e-brake guard has been defeated.
- 6 1/2 coaxials all around
- fully wired for amp/sub
18 inch BBS tritons with new 225-40-18 kumho ecstas...they could stand to be re-finished as the original powder coating of charcoal on the face and the pseudo white lip is rough
ipd exhaust
blitz intake
blitz boost gauge on a-pillar
new full pump...a $2000 job, radiator replaced at 110k miles, oil changed every 3000 with full synthetic
the interior is "virtually flawless except for a small tear on the drivers side upper leather, its also missing the plastic covers underneath the steering column above your knees since the original owner a freind is in a wheel chair and had it all removed for his hand controls.

ECM updates have all been done, tranny flushed just recently a few thousand miles ago

the bad-
-there is also a section of bad paint on the drivers side side skirt from where the wheel chair would rub up against the car upon entering, its not dented, just flaking off

-the paint on the rear bumper is starting to flake a bit

- the cargo cover doesn't retract anymore

- in traffic when the tranny gets hot it starts to shift hard. i have always planned on replacing the tranny when it finally takes a dump, but for the past 40k miles since i've had it, the tranny's held on. every couple of months, i think to myself that its finally gonna let go...but it never has. I could say today that i "think" its going to finally die within 10k but i've thought that a few times before. i have the original driveshaft in the garage if someone wants it.

- cracked drivers side corner light that doesn't not have any moisture

- service light comes and goes, the car passes emmissions easily every year. the cat was replaced 2 years ago

- the front suspension makes some noice at low speed

-there's a cheesey "Z" on the rear hatch before the "R" as the previous owners name started with a Z. i never got around to removing it. there's also a "R" on the brushed aluminum on the dash that i've never removed because i was scared that it might ruin the finish on the piece. there's also a small surface dent under/next to the AWD badge on the rear...i thinkyou can see it in the pics.

you can see the flaked paint on the side skirt here

ipd exhaust

the hand controls are still in this picture but will be removed

superleggaras in this pic will not be included

this car has been an absolute angel as a daily driver and our trip car as we like to take long drives out of town. its not perfect and like previously stated, i "think" that the tranny may or may not take a poop in the near future. it gets about 18 mpg around town and slightly more on long trips.
the exhaust sounds awesome as does the sound of the intake and bypass valve. this car would be great for someone that likes to wrench on it themselves and can replace the tranny when it does go. i'm waiting on our new forester xt to be delivered so for the time being the milage will continue to rise but it will most likely but only driven once or twice a week when the new car gets here.

i'm upfront about the goods and bads, i will take more pics of specifics if anyone requests and i'm willing to take offers as i'm not sure if the asking price of $6000 OBO is too much for the condition of the car.

buyer would be responsible for making delivery payment although i can definitely help find a transport company or you can come pick it up and drive it home as i wouldn't have any hesitations driving this car long distance as i just did a few months back to florida.

i'm not really in a rush to sell it and would prefer to sell it to someone that has love for volvo's and will take care of this car for the next many years. i have the title in my safe and i own it free and clear so no dealing with lien holders on my side.

if you have questions i'll be glad to answer, if you want more pics...ask and i'll shoot some
if you have resonable offers, i'm willing to listen and negotiate.
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