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Well, due to my neglect to flush tranny fluid we have officially retired our trusty steed. Sorry no pics right this minute due to car being at AAMCO right now. Car is what it is. We have used this vehicle as daily transportation for wife, travel vehicle for our family of 2 dogs and us, lowes trips, winter warrior, everything car. Has had deer total front end once, I replaced fenders, hood and bumper with matching color panels from a car someone tore out interior and engine. Had deer run into both drivers and passenger door so they are dented. Interior all items work as should except master window switch just started acting up. i have a replacement comes along with car. Interior in good shape. Seats leather with no rips or tears. Just had a new windshield installed 6 months ago but just got a stone impact. Can be repaired with window repair kit before gets to big. Engine still runs fine. I have maintained car entire time so know it well. Have changed timing belts which current one has about 50k miles on it. HVAC is great after I replaced evaporator and fixed compressor shims 3 years ago. No need to fill it for years since I replaced evaporator core. Dual zone climate control works as it should. Really a good car. We travel a lot with it. Wife sadly had transmission go out on way back from PA. If want to replace can get one on ebay for $375 with shipping to your door and replace and have a great car for teenager or just beat around car. I change oil every 7500 miles, which is about 3 months, and it uses 2.5quarts of oil. Been doing this for last 200k miles so just part of car. Averages 26 mpg of highway and town driving. Has newer tires on it with about 20k miles on them.

Looking to sell car whole for someone to use as parts or get back on road. We were going to throw in tranny and use as beater but when found the xc-70 just went with that and decided to let this one go. Will be in Front Royal, VA by weekend. In Winchester VA now so if around area you can stop by to take a look. Drives very short distances so needs towed to where ever it going. Looking to get $500. Includes all spare parts I have, load bars for roof, roof rack I built to hold a lot of stuff-is size of entire roof, and anything else I have that is particular to car. Private message me and I will get you my contact info if interested. Good car, hate to see tore apart for parts but if want it for that all yours. Hopefully someone who can turn wrench's can get back on road and get to 500K miles. Be great car for kids learning to drive or college kids. Its a warrior, just keeps on going.

Down and dirty on car details.

2000 V-70
425K miles
Black leather interior
Rear center built in booster seat
Newer Sony audio player with Bluetooth
No rust
Bad body panels due to dear damage are drivers side rear door and passenger side front door-if memory serves me well. All other panels are straight and true, including hood.
Engine uses oil-2.5qts every 7500ish miles
Silver Exterior Color
All glass good except wind shield has nickle size damage that is repairable
Volvo load bars
Custom Roof Rack
Cross posted in parts section also.
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