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Hello Forum,

I have a 2000 s80t6. My RPMs were jumping and the car was surging or cutting off. The shop cleaned the ETM/throttle body. Then, the RPMs were stable for a few months. Now, it started happening again, with OBD code P0102. The shop suggested a new throttle body as the shop said you couldn't clean it more than a couple of times. So, instead of having the shop replace the throttle body, I did the cleaning myself of both the Mass Air Flow sensor and throttle body/ETM, but forgot to put in a gasket. The RPMs were stable, but after a half day of driving the problem came back. I cleaned the throttle body a second time and put a new gasket back in this time. The RPMs were stable for a while, then the pulsating RPMs happened again.

I noticed the pipe going into the throttle body has oil in it (maybe from blown turbo seals? or is it coming from the throttle body?). I tried to clean it out as I thought the throttle body would get dirty from air blowing across the oil covered pipe from the air filter to the throttle body.

So, the question is, must I fix the turbo seals (ie, rebuild the turbos) before it makes sense to replace the throttle body and air sensor? Must I have an oil free pipe from the air filter to the throttle body?

It looks like new throttle bodies are $450 USD (I don't want to risk a used throttle body). If I buy a new one and then it gets all gummed up with oil, that seems like a waste, but fixing the turbos would cost more than the car is worth with 170k miles on it. (The throttle body wasn't that dirty when I cleaned it the first time, a few months after the shop cleaned it).

I was able to clean the throttle body and put the car back together twice, but I'm not a mechanic and that was my first foray into working on the car. So, rebuilding the turbos seems like a complicated endeavor.

The car can't be worth more than $2k to $3k, but I couldn't buy a better car for that price, and I want to keep the s80 for my teenager to drive. I just can't have it shutting off in traffic as he turns left (like it did with me).

Please let me know what you recommend - thanks!
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