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Hi Fellas;

Actually i am not a new user in the website but this will be my first topic. First of all i am glad to happy that i am able to create topic in this website. I am using 2000 volvo s80 2.0T but its not T5 or T6.

However today i was at the technician due to "srs airbag service urgent" error with orrange light in the middle of driver dashboard. Here is the steps what he has done and what we got at the end;

1- He has connected my car to the computer over VIDA 2014.
2- Checked error codes.
3- Checked fuse panel.
4- Checked some wiring stuffs.
5- Checked under seats.
5- Cleared all error codes.

1st Problem;

Right now i dont have any srs airbag service urgent message and orange light warning but if i put my car key at 2nd ignition position sometimes it shows srs airbag service message in the in the information screen. After i start the car it goes away.

But if put my car key at 2nd ignition position for a long time like 10min then srs airbag service urgent message is coming up and after i start the car i got orange warning light. And it never goes away without VIDA. Any idea?

2nd Problem;

After i press lock button on my remote control key all the doors are locking. But after 10 sec i hear click sound from one door. What is that? Any idea?

Here is the VIDA codes from today;

DDM-0025 Mirror Motor No Signal
UEM-0004 Alarm System Communication Problem
CCM-001B Lower the switch. Identification is missing
CEM-6A01 Door is not locked. Left Rear Signal is too high.
SRS-00D0 Seat Belt buckle, driver side no signal
SRS-00D1 Seat Belt buckle, passenger side no signal
CEM-1A51 No communication with SRS Control Module
CEM-1A59 No communication with AUM (Audio Module)
CCM-2FA2 Seat Belt Buckle, low signal driver side
CCM-2FA5 Seat Belt Buckle, low signal passenger side

Any suggestions about fixing these codes? Any solution???

Thanks in advance, Warm Regards.
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