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Hello Everyone. I have become a big fan of the Volvo R wagon, but I am clueless about maintenance and repairs and nervous about big bills.

Nearly 2 years ago, I bought what was supposed to be a "perfect" 2000 R with only 30,000 miles. Now, two winters and 25,000 miles later, it is getting a bit ratty and needs some work.

So at this point, I am agonizing over

a) how much $$$ the car might need, just for service and repairs
b) how fun and fast I could make this car with a bit more "investment" vs.
b) just getting rid of it on a trade

Re a) Routine Maintenance and Repairs

The car now has 55,000 miles and has had no significant maintenance other than fluids and fully synthetic oil changes every 5,000 miles or so.

The bad news include:

1) some rattles and rough riding which sounds as if it relates to the top of the struts
2) some squeaky vibrations coming through the steering wheel
3) needs new tires
4) Both AC and heating have acted flaky in the last 12 months with intermittent problems and little to no heat through this past Winter

Re b) Beyond routine repairs (ie Pimp My 2000 R Wagon Ride)

1) I have an IPD spoiler and aluminum foot pedals which I never installed
2) same for leather wrap for steering wheel
3) If worth keeping, would love to get stainless exhaust etc
4) Interior better than average for age
5) relatively low mileage for age?

Re c) Get rid of it and/or TRADE

1) My wife loves the new interiors from 2004
2) the newer R wagons seem much more substantial (?)
3) may be more expensive to service? not worth difference?

If anyone has any experience with ANY of these points or questions, I would greatly appreciate any advice.

Also, if there is anyone who can service these cars in the Northern New Jersey, Rockland County, Orange County NY area that would be great too.

Thank you for your ideas.
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