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This is just a heads up for those of you who have a 2000 in this forum. Rob at Scanwest Autosport in Seattle Washington has had Great success rebuilding these tranny's. So much so that my wife's 02 XC 70 goes in as soon as he get's back from vacation. Please Do Not be confused we are & have never been the same company. I own Complete Collision & Rob owns Scanwest. if your unsure about the service you'll receive do yourself a favor & do some reading up on them. they've been voted Seattle #1 Saab repair shop for something like 5 or 6 years straight. from my understanding they're willing to service your Volvo. & there trying to take on the line full time. but as many of you know Volvo play's close to the chest. making repair information nearly impossible to get. Rob's working with them to see what they can come up with to ease this situation. Do yourself a favor & read up on what kind of service you'll expect when going there.

http://www.scanwestauto.com/index.php 206-789-2819 I Am in "NO" way affiliated with this company, I hold No interest or share holdings. . . .NADA. just trying to help out those who don't want to end up at the stealer for the sum of 5000.

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