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$200 Wheel Rebate????

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hey guys, i was reading through the wheel and tire forum and someone was saying that if we are new volvo owners and have a Volvo magizine we get a $200 wheel rebate. i dunno if thats true, but i got the magizine infront of me, and i dont see nothing like that in there. if u guys know anything aobut that, please post it so we can all benifit from it. if i get a $200 wheel rebate, im gonna tint my car with it lol.

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There was a $200 rebate for new wheels in one of the recent magazines (i think it was the June edition), but the rebate didn't apply to new cars. If you already have your car, you could buy new wheels from the dealer and get the rebate.
The magazine just came with the car; if you didn't get one, you should ask your dealer about it (they should probably have some copies of the current issue laying around too). If you just bought your Volvo, you might have to wait a little while for the zine to start showing up. =)
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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