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I have a set of front and rear Diplomat seat covers for a 1978+ 200 series in blue, headrest covers not included - the bag says they were sold separately. The part number is 1333785-2 and from what I can tell online this particular part number was only sold in Sweden and The Netherlands. My dad and I found it in his workshop this summer over in Sweden while cleaning out some boxes. He said he got them when he took delivery of a 240 but the upholstery wasn't what he had ordered. The dealer offered either to order a new car, which would take months, or give him OEM covers and add in a moonroof, which is the option he took.

This is the original Dutch brochure, these covers are on pages 14 and 15: https://docplayer.nl/8443080-V-ol-v-...ssoires-_.html

As best as I can tell they have never been out of the bag and definitely never used. They've been in storage for about 40 years.

Pictures are here: https://imgur.com/a/uA7WPiv
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