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2 Year 24K service on 2.0D V50

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Just got my car Serviced (£315)

24,000 Miles on clock

Front Tyres = 4mm [Pirelli P7]

Rear Tyres = 4mm [Pirelli P7]

Diesel Fuel Filter is changed on year 3 or 36,000 mile Service

Updated software for DIM, CEM and ECM http://********************/smile/emthup.gif

Whilst my car was in there was an error code for EGR valve that could not be cleared in VIDA (No light on dash
). Dealer ordered and fitted new updated EGR Valve.

Also screen wash motor (pump) was replaced as when you wash rear screen the front gets a dribble of water on from front jets.

I'll run my tryes for another 8 months then fit my new Sculptors with Continental Sport Contact 2 tyres.

Happy Bunny !
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Re: (Richard_S40)

I totally agree
Volvo in Europe has strange filters change intervals. I plan to tell min to change them anyways NOW! All of them, no matter the cost. Clean filter is a base for good engine running, and mpg's!!!

BTW - the cost of filters is not that high, then why they are running cheap on us?
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