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I am the proud owner of a momentum plus, gray xc90 with air suspension, vision, and convenience.
Here are some things I have observed.

1- I originally did not want the air suspension but I am so happy I have it now the care drives beautifully.
2- I began to worry last night when I went to get an inspection ( bought the car in another state) because the manual says disable auto leveling when lifting the vehicle
So before I went I went in the menu to disable the feature but instead of saying deactivated it said " Suspension service required". I quickly enabled it in the menu and restarted
the car. I see a few problems with this:
A. If I disable this before I go for service that warning might make the tech think something is wrong and they might screw something up when they investigate.
B. If the tech forgets to disable the function when raising the vehicle what exactly could happen?
c. The warning should say "Auto leveling deactivated" not "suspension needs repair" ( maybe add that to the list of requests)
3. Battery drain and the radio,
Since my car is only 2 weeks old I think I have the latest software because I have not had any of the problems I have read on this forum but I did find something that could get you into trouble.

- If you start the car normally and then turn the dial to stop, When you open the door the display and radio turn off.
- But if you turn the knob to start with out pressing on the brake (No engine start), When you try and turn the knob to stop and open the door the radio stays on. If your not paying attention
you could walk away with the radio on. I did not wait to see if it would turn off by itself I just started the car and the turned it off, opened the door and let the radio and display Go blank

What I am trying to say is I think when you turn the knob to stop and open the door the car should kill the displays no matter if the engine is running or not.
I have not figured out how to check the battery status. Where is it?

I bring this up because how do you explain this to a Valet? as anyone given their car to a valet yet? I am thinking of writing up instructions and putting it on the dash.

Auto braking is great when driving but gets in the way when going in reverse so I have to disable it for parking

Anyway the car is Awesome!!!!!! and I want to thank you all because your posts have been very helpful.;)

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Nothing will happen
It should be like any other air suspension. If you forget it will drop to the lowest position it can but when you start it up it should ... go beck to where it's set
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