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I have put a lot of thought into this and am ready to sell my two wagons.

First off we have my 1982 Volvo 245 GLT. Silver paint with blue cloth interior. There are a couple of what look like Cigarette burns one in the back seat and the other in the driver seat. The car does not and never did smell of cigarette smoke. According to the previous owner the cars original owner was a Dentist in California who took very good care of the car. He then retired or moved to Tahoe where the car sat in his garage. It was then picked up from a man who worked on the gentleman's house. The previous owner bought it from him.*

I have a binder FULL of what has been done to the car from the original owner. This includes the original window sticker with the list of everything the car was included with out the door. Original owners manual, warranties and maintenance records book. You name it, it is probably in this binder. I have included all of the receipts from everything I have bought and done as well. Most of the work being done by myself. When I bought the car it was a bit "loose" suspension wise.*

I have touched just about everything under this car. Struts, Shocks, all bushings except the front control arm bushing that I could not press out, motor mounts including the diesel engine mount, rear main seal, timing belt, vacuum hoses, engine wiring (hand wired), head gasket, valve seals, fuel injector seals, turbo oil seals, fuel filter. All of this is listed on the receipts.*

The transmission one night after work only worked as a manual valve body I have no explanation as to why this happened. With no time on my hands at the time it has been sitting. This is after having problems with the heater motor which is also not fixed. The dash is currently taken apart because of this.

Now the reason I am selling. I do not have time to continue to fix this car. It has been sitting for just under a year now due to the transmission problems arising during my time of working two full-time jobs and I continue to have very little time as my wife and myself work opposite shifts with a three year old to watch in-between.

I really wanted to put this car together but I have too much fighting me at the moment and would like to see it go to someone who will enjoy it.

I am sure I am forgetting some stuff. Please message me with any questions about the car and I will get back to you. Please be patient on the return messaging.

The Good:
1. Turbo!
2. All new suspension bushings (except front control arm bushings)
3. New Timing Belt
4. New Head Gasket
5. New Rear Main Seal
6. New Shocks and Struts
7. New engine wiring.
8. New Fuel Filter
9. New Vacuum Hoses

The bad:*
1. Rust spots located on the bottom of the driver door and driver front fender.
2. Paint is flaking off the top of the car. This happened this last snow I do not know the reason why. This did not happen in the past I am thinking because this was the first winter I had kept it outside because of my mom needing to move in and the garage was/is for storage now.
3. No power steering. It did work when I first got the car before the A/C compressor locked up.
4. No A/C.
5. Exhaust manifold stud nearest the front will not thread in. HELI-COIL pulled out from shop repair.
6. No heater motor. Dash is currently apart as seen in the pictures.
7. The car has all new vacuum hoses, however, the car still has a rough idle and takes off really sluggish when cold. This goes away after running the car for a while or by loading the car up (foot on brake and gas) before take off. I have tried to track this down with no luck.
8. The final "straw": The car shut off on the way home back last year. Upon restart the transmission now acts like a manual valve body and will only hold the gear that is chosen. I have no explanation for this.
9. Two Cracks in the Windshield

OK for the second car. 1983 245 wagon (blue). This was bought for the means of having a true "Project Car". I snatched it up and drove it home where it has sat. I do not know much about the car other than it is a little rough. It does shift but is a bit slow at doing so. Again do not know much other than it did drive the 20-30 miles to my driveway.

I would like to sell both cars together. 2 for 1.

$5000 OBO for both.


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