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Re: 2.5T or T6 - which one is better and more reliable for towing 3,500 lb. boat (tweekme)

I personally would go for the T6.............more torque out of the hole, and the engine will not have to work as hard. I pull about that same amount of weight in snowmobiles and trailer sometimes and I definately wouldn't want to do that with the 2.5t, I also think you will get about the same gas mileage because the T6 will not be working as hard to pull that weight. Plus we get pretty decent gas mileage with the T6 if we are just cruising. (around town it is a different story)

As far as reliability for the 03 T6, we have an 05 T6 with 18,000 miles and no problems so far. . I'm not 100% positive but if the 03 has had campaign 135 done on the tranny (software upgrade) it will be exactly the same. JMHO
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