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Re: 2.5 inch VS 3.0 inch cat back exhaust opinions (slo-vo)

being the owner of the Evolve 3" cat-back, i dont really feel a big difference between stock and 3".
There is better response, maybe better accelation (like 0.1 sec faster), but i dont feel a huge hp gain. probably cause i dont have chip upgrade yet. maybe the 3" will only boost to max power with chip? idk
my chip and DP is coming soon, and i am planning on doing some dyno's, so i will post it once i got the chart. and let u know if there is really much difference between a stock and 3" cat-back
for now, my suggestion would be, go for 3" if u got some extra cash, since it looks better(IMO). otherwise 2.5" should be enough. (but then again, unless adding a chip will make a huge difference for the 3")
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