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I would say the S60 2.4T in in the 15.7 second range for the 1/4 mile and 7.4 second range 0-60 mph.

Here we go, I hope this helps:

Volvo S60 2.4T

1/4 Mile - 15.8 sec. at 88.3 mph
0-60 MPH - 7.5 sec.

MSN Carpoint
1/4 Mile - 16.5 sec.
0-60 MPH - 8.1 sec.

Motor Week
1/4 Mile - 15.6 sec. at 91 mph
0-60 MPH - 7.1 sec.

Motor Trend
1/4 Mile - 15.7 sec.
0-60 MPH - 7.5 sec.

Volvo Factory Numbers
0-62 MPH - 8.0 sec.

Cambridge News
0-60 MPH - 7.6 sec.


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Originally posted by izmo:
How far off is the 2.4T from the T5 is real world driving in terms of speed? It seems from what I've read that they are less than a second apart in 0-60mph; maybe even .6 seconds. Is that real?
An S60T5 will be quite a bit quicker than an S60 2.4T especially if the T5 is equipped with the manual transmission. First gear is even but once a T5 goes into its second gear then...poof! The 2.4T has less turbo lag, though.


P.S. BTW, manual transmission T5s (S60s and S/V70S) have been recorded to accelerate as quickly as 6.3 seconds from 0 to 60mph.
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