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2 18" Sport Edition CDs (THEYRE DISCONTINUED)

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I have two CDs available. the other two are cracked. If you own these wheels and are looking for replacements or spares, you will not be able to buy them from tire rack as they are no longer made.

They come with Sumotumo HTRZIII tires with less than 8K on them. Make an offer, if you are interested I can get pics.
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Re: (jdsr917)

make the offer.
Re: (mpdbrown)

They sell these wheels if u Type it in on google so u can get these 2 for a good price and then just buy 2 new, save some money
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Re: (wdodge52)

Quote, originally posted by wdodge52 »
not available for the R...

They were never available for the R but a few of us took the chance and they fit without spacers or any modification.

That being said, I have not been able to source new ones from anyone.
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