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I have a 1999 V70XC with 178xxx miles. Bought this as a bit of a project to turn into a daily driver.

Since I bought the car a couple of months ago, it has experienced periodic trouble starting which has progressively become worse. It started out as the car cranking long (3-4 seconds), but always starting. Knowing that is always eventually starts, I usually hold the key until it catches.

Today was the first time that it did not start. The car cranked for a few seconds and caught, but then died off. It sounded to me like a fuel issue, but I cannot be sure. The car fired up immediately when trying again.

I had read that it could possibly be a failing check valve in the fuel pump and to leave the key in position II for a few seconds to prime the pump. This has not helped the issue.

Not sure these are related, but the car needs the PCV done and the o-rings in the oil pan as well. It has low oil pressure, though not enough to throw the light. On startup, oil pressure is ~65 psi, but dwindles to ~15 at idle.

The first order of business will be changing the spark plugs and inspecting the coils.

I was told by the last owner that a friend told him the injectors may be dirty so I will eventually be replacing them or sending them out for a cleaning. Unfortunately, this is my only car for 1-2 more weeks, so I cannot send them out to be cleaned just yet.

Does anybody have any other ideas of where to start looking or what to look for?

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