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Thinking of selling my beloved Volvo and going to a :::gasp::: BMW .

I have a 1999 V70R that has been great. The car has 180,000 miles and I'm the 3rd owner who has had it for 2 years (a doctor bought it new and a professor had it after that).

The car has a new driveshaft (about 15,000 miles ago), timing belt was done around 150,000 I believe (I can check if you need). I put in a new ABS module so no problems with that. I also put in a new MAF sensor and had the plates cleaned. A new key ring too, along with typical wear and tear brakes, rotors, tune up when I bought it, rear main seal when I bought it, etc. AC works great- ice cold. Heated/power seats/moonroof/windows are all great. Fog lights have been rewired and are working. Has window tint and factory smoked out rims (forget the size...17" i think?). Photo attached is NOT my car but looks identical, except my rims are slightly different.

Needs two tires (I replace 2 of the same brand...if I keep the car, I'll just put 4 new ones on). I need to replace rear brake bulb. Also, occasionally the blinkers don't work (think it's a relay).

Remember..I'm THINKING about selling. I would love to hear what you guys think..email me with a serious offer (I've owned 4 Volvos and love these cars so please no disrespectful low ballers!) I'll also be happy to take photos and send to anyone who's interested. If you're price intrigues me then let's make a deal!!

Car is located in Rhode Island.

email address: [email protected]
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