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Re: 1999 V70 insurance increase (dovstar)

Physical damage base rates are generally based upon the repairability and how prone a car is to theft. At least that's the theory espoused by folks like ISO (not that one but the Insurance Services Office which compiles statistical ins. data for most of the US-based industry). Now with all that said, each company has the ability to adjust these base rates to reflect their own claims experience (i.e. normal stuff or storms, etc). ISO will also periodically (use to be a couple of times a year, not sure these days) modify the rates to reflect the industry-wide experience. Both entities, however also have their "deals" (I call them biases). If its a "sports car" it might have a additional factor applied because, as we all know, people with sports cars seem to want to wreck them. 4 door cars get a credit because only old folks (the safe ones) only drive 4-door cars. Cars like the Rs probably drive those accuaries crazy! Many of these things are supposed to reflect differences that are seen statistically but many companies will use these tweaks to drive away or attract business they would prefer not to have or want more of respectively.

Bottom line here is that the theory makes some sense, but the reality shows the crap and the ever-present quest for increasing profit that insurance companies are known for.

Now if we have any insurance guys who want to provide more recent info or want to argue the point that's great. I escaped from a previous life that spent 10 years in that business (I have the CPCU to prove it) until I finally realized what a dirty business it was and continues to be. And do I have an attitude towards the industry as a whole, you bet.

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