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1999 V70 GLT in Raleigh NC

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F/S 99 V70 GLT in Raleigh NC

Was T-Boned on the right deploying side airbag and trashing the doors

The car is a stock black GLT with 97000 miles, ETM software was updated about 1 year ago with no issues

Engine still runs great
No tranny problems
Left side of car in great condition
Hood undamaged
4 Good stock rims

Side doors & windows
Front window cracked
Right side airbag

I would just part it out but am in the process of selling our house and moving and am not sure my wife could take it! Please someone make an offer on the whole thing.

Pics here: http://s412.photobucket.com/al...e0426/
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Re: F/S 99 V70 GLT in Raleigh NC (JRL)

Yah, I realize it's totalled, just don't want to deal with a half car in my driveway while trying to sell my house
I'm just looking for someone to give me a 1000 bucks and take the whole thing instead of messing around. Should I move the post to the parts for sale section instead?
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Re: (nobbe3728)

Wish I could but I was hit by a county vehicle. County is self insured and has nearly complete immunity from liability (due to creative legislation), I should know if they will choose to give me anything in the next few weeks.
Re: (Chilled Man)

Assuming no miracle breakthrough generous offer from the county, next month would be fine to pick up the car.
Re: (Chilled Man)

waiting on the county to do anything besides spend my $$$ is a lost cause. Let me know when you want to come pick up the car
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