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Originally posted by toronto_man:
I am looking to buy a new car. I absolutely LOVE the S80 T6, however I have been very disappointed to hear that the 1999 S80 is a "lemon" (the 2000 model are above my budget). I am therefore considering a 00 or 01 Passat GLS.

I am looking for a car which is roomy, powerful engine, and most importantly fun to drive.

My question is the following:

a) is it safe to say I should avoid the 1999 S80 T6 ?

b) can any one offer some advice and experience with the passat?

Thanks for your help.
No one (that can be taken seriously, anyway) has claimed that a 1999 S80 is a lemon. No one could even claim that at least half of the 1999 S80s are lemons. Find a 1999 that its last 6 digits of the VIN are greater than 042000 and you should be more than OK. Get a complete history of any service campaigns performed at a Volvo Retailer. If you do not have that, get the VIN and have your local Retailer print you a list or find out from them who was the original Retailer. Then call THEM and have them send you the complete history.

The VW is a nice, accomplished car but it cannot hold a candle to any S80 T6. It's like comparing a Toyota Camry to a Lexus GS400 or a BMW 5-series. Totally apples to oranges.

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