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Well, I only stopped by here since I bought an old 760 (and like S80's). BUT - I do happen to have a Passat.
Its a 99 GLX, and, frankly, I think it is one of the most beautifully assembled cars for the price. We have a GLX (all the goodies) with the V6. The V6 is a good performer with the automatic or 5 speed. the 1.8T is a very tunable engine - chipped, they can return 225hp. But, I found/find the 1.8T automatic is a bit sluggish off the line. On the highway, its fine.
It is very comfortable for me, at 6'8", whether on front or back.
If you would like a similar forum, check out http://www.clubb5.com
By the way - we bought the Passat after driving: V70, Lincoln LS, 300M, A6, an ES300. thet otal package- room, build quality, etc. could not be beat!
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