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1998 Volvo V70 T5 Manual, Seattle, WA (SOLD!)

1998 Volvo V70 Turbo (T5), manual transmission.
142k miles. Green. Tan leather interior.
Very good daily driver - no faults or problems to speak of.
Exterior and interior are 21 years old, but in pretty good shape considering.

Bought from a friend at church who owned it since new. She took delivery in Gothenburg in 1998.
It lived in Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle until last year, when I adopted it (She was buying new XC60 and wanted to see it go to a Volvo enthusiast).
I've had a great time over the past year tinkering and daily driving it to work. I've added about 5k miles.

Original owner was fanatical about mechanical upkeep - has every receipt *ever* for the car. Was regularly serviced and she loved the car.

Since I've owned it, I have done the following:

LED License Plate Bulbs, purchased from IPD, installed
Passenger side mudflap, re-riveted
Replace Transmission Lower Torque Mount
replace passenger side red door marker light
Bosch Cam Position Sensor replacement
IPD HD Front Swaybar End Links
Replaced both gas struts for hatchback
Repaired/re-attached rear hatch cover and insulated area
Replaced Spark Plug Wires
New WeatherTech cargo liner (tan)
New Driver's side window switch module
Re-gapped spark plugs to .028"
replaced oil cap gasket (purchased previously)
2 new front tires (Nokian entyre 2.0) - all match now
Replaced M56 Transmission Oil (MTL Redline)
Changed Engine Oil. Also put in magnetic drain plug
Installed sub-frame bushing inserts from IPD
Installed transmission shift bushings (Kaplhenke Racing)

Car drives very nicely, has good karma. Needs nothing really. No codes, no dash warning lights. Get in, drive.
Does have a small oil drip from the passenger side. I am pretty sure it's the oil pump gasket that is old. Not a big deal, but want to mention it.

I've enjoyed having it, but with one child off to college in the fall, our need for 4 cars is less acute.
So, I am putting this out there for the next Volvo enthusiast to enjoy.



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Added Pictures Link to my original post

Added a link to a few photos of this excellent car.

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