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Selling my 1998 Volvo V70 T5 Turbo wagon for $2500!!! Paid $2500 for it and have at least $500 in it in repairs/upgrades. Just replaced the rear brakes which triggered the brake fluid light to switch on, more than likely a quick fluid replacement fix I just don't have time to do the work. Been in the mountains for less than a year, previously driven on more flat terrain. One of the safest cars around and can drive in most any weather condition. Has been my daily driver and I have a 1.5 hr commute.


- new spark plugs (10/2014)
- new performance IPD spark plug wires (10/2014)
- new distributor cap (10/2014)
- new ignition switch (10/2014)
- new battery (11/2014)
- new tires (front 6/2015 rear 7/2015)
- new rear brake pads (8/2015)
- new headlight bulbs (12/2014)

Feel free to email me with questions or more info!
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