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This is sort of an advance topic post. I will be selling my 1998 silver V70R. It has 89k miles; I am the second owner.

It has had all scehduled maintenance done at the same delaership that originally sold it and then sold it to me. Since I bought it at 72.8k, I have done the following expected repairs:

-new airpump
-reworked ABS module
-new spring seats

I have also done these repairs:
-new DS cv-boot
-new torque arm engine bushing
-new motor mount.

I have also added the ipd antisways with the HD endlinks, as well as Sylvania Silverstar bulbs. (The sway bars were installed by an indie.) There is a 35% tint all around.

As some of you may now, much to my dismay, the timing belt tensioner went on me last week, so the car will have a new timing belt and tensioner; a complete valve job; new plugs; and a new water pump. I will also have them replace the AWD transaxle u-joint, as the boot was starting to leak. All of this work is also being done by the dealership.

The exterior is in good shape. There are minimal chips and scratches. There is a small but real gouge on the rear bumper, as well as a small ding in the front right fender where I leaned too hard while replacing the check valve. The interior is also in good shape. The original owner was a matronly lady who wanted something to carry her gardening materials in and her dog to her weekend home. I have used it mostly to cart myself to work, though, of the 16k miles I have put on, approximately 65% are highway miles. (Three road trips and usually freeways to work). There are signs of wear on the driver's seat leather, but no tears. It has the 3-cd changer head unit. The ac blows cold. The wheels are the OEM 16" Meteors and have some curbage. There are no-name tires with adequate and even tread, but anyone buying an R because it's an R, will probably want to plan on replacing them.

I would like to get $12,000, but I would accept a decent offer. If genuinely interested, for the added price of an airline ticket, I would be willing to drive 4-5 hours to meet someone to make a sale. (Cincinnati, St. Louis, Atlanta, Charlotte, Birmingham, Memphis) I will post pics once she is done with surgery, and all polished up.

Please email me at jcd214 at nyu dot edu.

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