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I purchased this recently as fun daily and have enjoyed driving it. Unfortunately, my circumstances have changed. It's not that I've noticed any issues I was unaware of, it's that I've noticed that I don't enjoy working on this car like I have cars in the past. My HOA rules changed and I no longer have a parking spot for the car - working on the street isn't my favorite. I've lusted after these for ages and know that I will ultimately regret moving on, but if I can recoup some of what I have into the car that money will be more responsibly spent on an upcoming wedding, honeymoon, and maintaining my 200k GX470. I'm going to try and be as transparent as possible in this ad to avoid wasting anyone's time.

known issues in no particular order:
Vibrates under acceleration - seemingly more so when turning right, I assume this is a CV issue.
Front brakes need replacing, rotors are very worn.
Interior is far from perfect (had hoped to locate and swap in a v70r interior)
Drivers seat is worn
Passenger seat has a 1/2" or so tear
It rattles like a 21 year old wagon, not bad, but not silent
Door lock actuators seem tired. They seem to work fine when it's cool but not 100% when it's hot. The rear hatch and gas cap locks have always worked for me.
Missing the drivers side headlight wiper arm, I assume these don't work but have not verified.
Blower motor does not blow full blast after ~30mph, I haven't looked into this as it doesn't bother me.
Headliner is sagging at the windshield and sunroof.
Sunroof is finicky. Might just need adjusting.
Dents and dings, I think the paint is serviceable and the body could probably look very good with minor PDR. I haven't gotten around to doing any of this.
Door catch spot welds have failed on the drivers side. I have identified a repair bracket for this but have not purchased or completed the repair.
Overload relay was blown when I purchased the car, and then the car blew another 2 (275k) used ones, newer relays seems to have corrected the problem
The Good:
New used motor swapped in within the last 1k. Work was done at Tim's Volvo - the mechanic serviced the donor vehicle and claims it was a daily driver until the previous owner hit something in the road and cracked the transmission which he decided not to fix. 210k on the used motor from a 95 t5. 210k.
Motor mounts, timing belt, WP, RMS, and clutch were all changed at the time of the swap.
New Bilstein TCs (Less than 1k)
Recent IPD top hats and strut bearings (~5k)
IPD lowering springs
IPD Strut tower brace
IPD Skid Plate (not currently installed)
Newer Hankook Ventus tires (~5k)
New Plugs (less than 1k)
Rebuilt ABS Module
Repaired and reinforced dashboard (no squeaks)
New Cabin Air Filter
Grom Audio Bluetooth adapter
Passenger side outer tie rod end
No rust, no hail damage, clean title in my name

Please reach out with any questions. Car is located in Lakewood CO but I drive it to my office in Rino most days. I think this is the sweet spot of a project you can drive while you improve on it. Asking $2,500. I have a figure in my head where I will just keep the car, but hail season is approaching and this car is parked outside, so I am somewhat motivated to sell.

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