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1998 Volvo S70
198XXX miles
Inline 5 Cyl. Turbo
5sp. Manual
Black/Tan Leather Interior

I am new to this forum but have lurked in the the Car Lounge and Sweedspeed for years. I feel this forum may have the best reception to this sale. This car is not close to perfect condition, but it is in good shape and still mostly strong. Regardless I would prefer it go to an enthusiast.

If I had the time and room to continue working on this car I would never consider selling it, but I am recently engaged and moving away from my house and will no longer have a garage. I have two other vehicles and cannot find a way to justify (to the fiancee) keeping a third one around as a project car at this time. I had plans of fixing the head gasket and other miscellaneous items in my barn, but I am now moving out of my house very soon and do not have the time to invest in this car any more. I would prefer this car be taken as a project car to be fixed and enjoyed rather than be scrapped; worst case to be used as a donor car to keep another T5 on the road. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Blown head gasket, completely stock, in need of some work. The interior and exterior are in very good shape for almost 200K miles on the car. The clutch (original and still catches just fine), transmission, brakes, and the rest of the drive train are in very good shape. The suspension does need to be replaced soon though. The car ran very well until the head gasket went recently. There are no accidents on this car. This car was maintained very well, I have the maintenance records to date and from the previous owner dating back to 2001.

Asking $1000, negotiable. I can be reached best at [email protected], if serious send me an email requesting my phone# and I will be more than happy to discuss the car further. Please only serious inquiries.

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