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The good:

- Well maintained
- PCV system replaced 6 months ago, new plugs at the same time
- no problem with engine and transmission, runs great!
- AC works perfectly(all parts known to fail have been replaced), even ACC works
- No sunroof
- leather seats in very good condition, after market leather steering wheel cover
- full size spare tire
- all shocks have been replace, (approx 40k miles ago)
- Class 2 trailer hitch, only towed light weight trailer for short distance, no where near 1000 pounds

The not so good:

- heater core is leaking a little, needs replacement
- some exhaust leak near the turbo, probably needs new hose
- Common emission leak once a while, check engine light was on, but now it's off (always passed inspection with battery disconnect and connect before inspection, multiple attempt to fix it had never worked for long.)
- Power lock will lock all doors, but only unlock one of the four door. The other 3 need manual unlock ( very common problem )
- body has multiple small dents due to tree falling on top of it, but no glass or lights where broken from incident

This would be a very good car for someone who loves S70s. It has never left me stranded, never broke down anywhere. All the problems are well known and not too hard to fix. With a little work, it will be a nice daily ride. It was a Volvo corporate car for the first year. I am the second owner. It does not have a sunroof, but it has heated power front seats, both driver and passenger, which is unusual for a '98. Even the rear seats are heated. But it doesn't heat up as much as the fronts. The front seats are toasty, but not too hot.

I always have my mechanic fix whatever breaks until recently when I bought a 2014 s60 T5. Please email me at benchin at yahoo dot com if interested, or just reply here with contact info, or private message.

Here are the pictures:

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/21030268541/in/album-72157657574316440/
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