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For Sale - 1996 850r Sedan, Red w/ black interior, 155k Miles

1996 850R, Red exterior, Black interior
Asking price: $8k o/bo
PM me with questions and/or picture requests


-16T turbo (straight flange; installed at ~145k miles
-transmission replaced at 113k miles (transmission had 59k miles on it at the time it went in, no problems since)
-suspension upgraded in Summer '05 (Koni Sport shocks & struts, Eibach springs, iPd front & rear anti-sway bars)
-all regular maintenance items have been performed since I bought the car back in August '03 with 107k miles (and I have every receipt for all the work done since I bought the car)
-Samco turbo hoses and silicone vaccum hoses
-Optima Red Top Battery, 35/75 model, installed winter '05
-Super Blue Racing Brake fluid; front brakes: SS lines, Porterfield R4S pads, slotted rotors; rear brakes: OEM setup
-otherwise, the car is completely stock in terms of performance

-includes 4 OEM Volans, recently repainted to a darker color
-dark jewel headlamps & turn signals
-amber sidemarker lights
-custom carbon fiber trunk insert (no hole for trunk lock cylinder)
-custom black suede headliner and all interior overhead trim painted flat black to match
-headlight wiper motors removed; new under-headlight trim pieces painted & installed
-R front bumper was repainted in fall '05
-ipd black mesh grille with OEM slash and R emblem installed
-5% window tint all around
-wooden shift knob from 70-series swapped out for stock 850R leather shift knob
-includes original 850 floormats & iPd molded plastic winter mats
-OEM rear mud flaps installed
-OEM antenna up/down switch installed

-upgraded to Pioneer DEH-P550 headunit with OEM Volvo din-pocket w/ rubber non-slip insert
-ipod docking adapter wired through center console and into armrest
-custom-made set of kickpods with DEI Studio S650 6.5" component speakers
-Eclipse Point Source 5x7 speakers installed in rear deck
-all other speakers removed from car
-single 12" Alpine Type-S subwoofer in standard box
-Eclipse 85Wx4 amplifier installed, 2 channels powering kickpods and 2 channels bridged for subwoofer in trunk

-Rear Main Seal (RMS) was replaced at same time transmission was replaced (since then transmission fluid flushes every 20k miles)
-front control arms, driver's side CV axle, have all been replaced in the last 18 months
-radiator replaced in fall '05
-PNP switch replace in spring '05
-timing belt changed at ~ 130k miles


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Re: (HoustonT5-R)

Quote, originally posted by HoustonT5-R »
Any chance of exchanging the dark jewel headlamps & corners for the factory stuff plus cash?
Why do you guys do that?
The man is trying to sell his (very nice) R the way IT IS

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Re: (JRL)

Quote, originally posted by JRL »

Why do you guys do that?
The man is trying to sell his (very nice) R the way IT IS

It's a simple question. If he wants to, he can, if not he'll say so. Simple as that. The car has been on the market for 45+ days, so I figured it wouldn't hurt. Besides, I've already been in touch with him via e-mail and he said he would have done this deal with me had he not already had the exact same deal going with someone local to him.

P.S. Be sure and add some salt to that foot for a little flavor because the man can do with his R what he wants. It's not up to you.


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Re: (HoustonT5-R)

Of course he can do whatever he wants to, it's his car but they are a good selling point and if it were MY car I would leave them on.
Good luck with the sale whatever you do
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