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1995 Yellow 850 T5R Wagon of 1997 Red 850 R sedan?

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I have a question guys. Which is a better buy?

Yellow 1995 850 T5R wagon with 90,000 plus miles on it. $14,000
Red 1997 850 R sedan with 75,000 plus miles on it. $12,500

Both of them have been meticulously maintained. The yellow one has been damaged on the rear quarter panel. No structural damage, just cosmetic, and all fixed back to normal specs.

Are they both equally reliable? Or is the 1997 that much more reliable than a 1995?

Which would you choose. Both are hot, fun to drive, but I'm a college student who loves to work on cars, but needs time to study. The rare factor really draws me to the yellow T5R. But the red 850 R is probably much more reliable.

Oh yeah, there is also Matt's 1996 Red 850 R Sedan with 99,000 plus mile on it for $12,000.
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Well, they're pretty much the same car, so mileage and maintenance would be the only differences mechanically. On the resale side, the yellow T-5R wagon is pretty rare, thus the high price. They're also in high demand. Wagons always hold their value better.

I'd consider the wagon.
Wagons may be easier to sell but I'm a sedan man myself. That is really what I'd only be looking for if I had the dough. Sinse they are the same car only the sedan is slightly lighter, I would say the sedan is a better bang for the buck.
Not to disagree with George though
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This doesn't make the decision any easier. On a lighter note, the guy with the red sedan is taking a trip and I'm on his way. He suggested that we meet up so that I can look at the car.

I'll pretty much know which one I want to buy after seeing the red one. But that yellow one is sooooooooo attractive.

Thanks guys for your input though.
both--still cheaper than a new one together!

Originally posted by mpeng168:
both--still cheaper than a new one together!
That's the ticket!!!
I'd agree with that reasoning
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Get the yellow estate!!! It is a better machine for you. I have a 95 850 T5 with 214000 miles on it. The car has no real difference when it comes to repairs vs. the 97 model year. Also, the yellow T5R is just so much more of an eye catcher. My vote is in for the 95 R.

it sounds like you're leaning towards the wagon--i would lean towards the wagon, but that is my personal preference because of where we are in our lives

wagons are definitely fewer and farther between.

the red sedan can be passed off as an unassuming sleeper, but that yellow color just screams R. and I thought that 1995 was the year the wagon won the BTCC--remember? racing trophy groceries ad?
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Red saloon an unassuming sleeper?
Hah! The "arrest me" red and the deep front spoiler plus the alloys certainly don't say "Dad's dozy motor"

Nor of course does the performance.

However, despite owning an identical car to the one at the top of the forum page, I have to say that the estate is a better buy due to its higher resale value.

However the 1997 R spec is better internally and the engine is also stronger internally.

The trim on the older car will rattle more and be harder to quieten - I know, I've had both ends of the 850 range.

My head would say estate, but my heart would still say "sod the practicality, go for the saloon!"
get the R.. more hp, better interior with the sweade, newer... less miles... i dont really understand why theres even a question : )

Originally posted by RazorR:
get the R.. more hp, better interior with the sweade, newer... less miles... i dont really understand why theres even a question : )
Same HP.
Re: (Kaizai)

Get the wagon! Thats what I would do http://********************/smile/emwink.gif
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Re: (VolvoVancouver)

Just to let you guys know...

I GOT THE WAGON!!! http://********************/smile/emsmile.gif

She's got some nuances, but I'm ok with restoring her to my specs...

Besides, she's a beauty to look at. My Oh my I love her.
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Re: (drPheta)


Welcome to the fast wagon club!

Post some pictures of it if you can http://********************/smile/emsmile.gif
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