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just found a 1995 volvo 940 on craigslist at a sweet deal

400 bucks

i didnt get it yet, but want to as a project car.

can someone tell me more about this car?

i have a 2005 volvo s40 2.4i

and i only know about my car.. .lolll...

hit me up by posting comments here, or IMing my SN at capunise

or e-mail at [email protected]

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Re: 1995 volvo 940 --- sweet deal (nme95k)

Good project car unless...

- major (hidden?) collision damage.

- rusted sub-frames (at mounting points).

- drivetrain shot (engine/clutch/trans/driveshaft/diff/suspension, etc.)

- total neglect over extended time period.

The 940 sedan/wagon from the last few years of production can be made into a sweet ride especially when moded with a (hotter) turbo and manual 5-speed.

Rather than buy a crusher for $400 shop around for a fixer-upper in overall decent shape.

George Dill

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It won't be a 5 speed, I don't think any 900 car came in manual in the US.

If it's in perfect condition, it's worth way more than $400. Something's up.
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