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F/S: 1995 Volvo 850 Turbo Wagon NY/NJ area.

Ok, this is a decision that dosent come lightly as I really love this car, but I have to do what's better for me financially. Here up on the block is my '95 Volvo 850 turbo wagon. Right now it has about 150k miles, has a decent body, clean interior, and excellent mechanicals. Here's some more details.

What's been fixed/replaced in the past year:
-Rear main seal
-Timing belt, water pump and cam seals.
-Oil separator and all associated piping/hoses.
-Intercooler/throttle body elbow.
-Rear brake pads and rotors
-stabilizer links
-front brake hoses
-Drivers side heated seat elements
-Ecode headlamp lenses and corners
-Fan spray washer nozzles
-Brand new turbocharger from volvo dealer
-Battery, still under warranty for a long time at Sears,

Mechanically this car is in excellent shape and needs nothing. Just jump in and go. I've also been using Mobil 1 10w-40 for a quite a while. There are NO leaks, the bottom of the engine is dry as a bone. There is NO rust on the vehicle, and there is no sign of body repair or an accident anywhere on the car.

Also you may be wondering why the car has S70 wheels on it instead of the regular 850 wheels. When I bought the car it had a set of aftermarket 17" wheels. I found the ride to be a bit harsh, so I swapped them. I personally think the wheels look pretty nice on this car. The tires have about 80% treadlife left on them.

Body wise the car is in decent shape, more or less average for a 10 year old car. There's a couple of scrapes on the bumpers (blame the inconsiderate jerks that we share the roads with), and some door dings and light scratches (same jerks again). Otherwise it looks pretty

The interior is very clean. The carpet is in good shape and dosent have any major stainage, and a decent set of factory floor mats are included as well as a set of rubber all-weather mats I've used exclusively. The leather is in ok shape with the execption of the passengers seat which has a split as indicated in the pictures. The drivers side is ok, just some wrinkles that occurs with age.

As far as power equipment, everything works, with the exception of the pass. side headlight wiper, and the pass. side heated seat dosent get as warm as it should. The drivers side heater works good though since I replaced it. The A/C on this car is ICE cold and never gave me any trouble. The heat works great in the winter also.

I would like to see $5500 but will entertain any reasonable offer for this car. Take a look a the pics, and contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions.




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Re: (Maynard)

The glue dries and the airbag cover separates from the base.
Being parked in the sun does this to 850's. It can be glued back down with the proper glue and a weight (like a brick
) on top for 24 hours

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Re: F/S: 1995 Volvo 850 Turbo Wagon NY/NJ area. (anarchyx34)

Tried to email you an offer but your email address, POSTED HERE, is NO GOOD!
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