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Hey guys, I need to buy a truck for work, which unfortunately means it's time to say goodbye to the car I've owned longer than any other.

Figured I'd list the Miata here as well as the usual places seeing as both the Volvos I've sold on SS have gone to awesome buyers. Let's keep it up, yeah? šŸ˜

This is not a cut springs, deep dish wheels and underglow build. This is also not a full track build, although it would certainly make a great track car with minimal effort. My purpose in building this car was to make a Miata that could handle absolutely anything I threw at it, from long road trips, to years of daily driving, to canyon carving, to autox, to rallyx, to towing stuck Subarus out of the snow...

You get the idea. Jack-of-all-trades, master of... Well. Quite a few things actually, thanks to the absolute best parts money can buy, custom parts made by 425 Motorsports, and an obsessive desire to keep improving the little roadster.

There's close to $30,000 worth of parts alone put into this car, and I expect that due to the modified nature it will likely find a home with a seasoned Miata enthusiast or a track junkie that wants to score some parts for pennies on the dollar. That said... If you're new to the MX-5 world and think this would be a good fit for you I'd love nothing more than to get you in the driver's seat and send you home with a car that will put on a smile on your face for years to come.

Oh, price. I'm asking $8500. I really want this to go to a good home. You could likely turn around and part it out for $12k-14k on the Miata forums without any trouble, but that would be akin to murdering a kitten, kicking over a tombstone, and plastidipping matte black over Flash Green; all at the same time.

Please feel free to ask me any questions via either private message, text, or email.

[email protected]

And here's a link to the Craigslist add for a detailed part listā€”and of courseā€”photos.

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