New to us in 2/2002 with around 88k miles.
No passenger side photo but same type of paint finish but dings and partially missing plastic door trim from being hit. Nothing major but not perfect.

Listing here in case someone needed:
manual for swap or needed a decent but high mi. engine N/A 20v , needed specific parts for their own project.
moonroof works, shade is a little annoying.

will be donated otherwise in the next week or two.

moonroof works (replacement from junkyard donor yrs ago) , passenger side heated seat works. 3rd row seating
6/2019 Firestone Firehawk 195/60r15 on meh cetus rims picture shows rubber all tires are even wearing.
Has the 850 o.e. mats f/r. Has some ridiculously heavy utilty floor mats for front not o.e..
Spare polarized window for moonroof, original tinted one is in moonroof, didn't trust the gasket , but in reality they are built to leak and the excess drains out, as long as the tubes aren't clogged anywhere...
Original clutch most likely, all owners of car have not brutalized the gear box

For the full price, volvo top thule bars , volvo brand rear gate area tray, the extra cushion leather bulster for 3rd row seat.

reality check so I don't get asked a million questions bad stuff.

original clutch?
front seats have covers on them, lower areas are cracked/shot. Rear seats has that odd spidering/but still soft texture thing going on.
Previous neighbors seem to like peeling of our front bumper, they did it 2x and during covid there landscaper wrecked it again for #3. The local volvo could not source the parts so I worked and got it reconnected the best I could.
Parking lot hit dinged dented passenger side door, no paint damage
so its a 1995 and it has dents/dings, cracks in plastic and whatnot...
Clearcoat peeling
has gone through multiple ignition switches, just accept that it burns them out.
turn it on and turn the key back a little then everything that works will work.
blower resistor is out and its finicky to get the 4 spd blower to stay on.
will need timing belt around 250k , water pump was done last time your choice.
registration ran out in 12/2021 passed last year.
connection to rear of cat. convert. to exhaust wore out, had to drive to work when everything was closed. Used wire and muffler wrap epoxy tape to patch. Passed inspection after that though inspector mentioned louder than normal exhaust, for daily driver needs real fix.
Parking brake untrusted for years we always park in opposite to grade gear, just in case.
Water temp sensor works sometimes, car doesn't overheat. Coolant sensor in tank failed so light on in dash. Coolant is not leaking...

long list so I don't get questions, and you know what you are getting. Thanks for reading.