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Hello! Lex here, I'm selling my 1994 Volvo 850 turbo for parts. It is located in Flint, MI. It blew it's headgasket at 319k miles and I'm not interested in swapping the engine. $500 obo
VIN: YV1LW5718R2023755

The Issues
Blown Headgasket. It was drained of coolant but not oil before it was parked. Overheated as part of this, so head may be warped.
Drivers side swaybar mount is broken, which cut a power steering line. The power steering system was empty for about 5k miles.
Light body rust.
Stereo cuts in and out randomly
Drivers side headlight wiper broken

The Goodstuff
Turbo is in good shape
Lights and bulbs all work
Power windows and locks work
All the glass is in good shape
Body panels are all good, minor scratching at worst
Interior has some light wear, but is intact and has always been a non-smoking vehicle

It has been stored outside, and you'd have to tow it away.
Pictures available at the craigslist posting
If you want some more pictures, or pictures of a specific part, please let me know. Best way to contact me is lex(dot)v(dot)talionis at gmail com.
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