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SOLD: 1993 240 wagon

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For sale: My lovely Volvo 245. With a new baby, a V70 R, and 3 motorcycles this handsome wagon needs someone that can give it the attention it deserves. Car is located in Severna Park, MD $6,200 OBO

I originally bought it on BaT in upsate NY from a guy who had bought it from the original owner's daughter. It had been sitting in a garage for years. Original BaT ad: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1993-volvo-240-wagon-2/

- 73k miles; drives wonderfully
- I have all original sales records, incl. window sticker.
- Nearly 100% original condition, incl. paint (new windshield, muffler, couple other things)
- Interior is super clean, like a 9/10
- Orig. radio, A/C (R134a not R12), heater, power mirrors, etc, all work fine.
- Fresh brakes
- Fresh tires
- Sale includes new-in-box rear Bilstein shocks/springs

- Could use a detailing -- PDR, clay bar, etc. Plenty of little dings / scratches
- NY car -- underside is crusty. No door sill/trunk rust, etc.
- Single small crack in dash; single crack in driver's front seat
- Passenger D pillar has some bad paint where someone tried to cover a scratch. It's minor.
- Runs a bit rich at idle, especially when cold. I give it a minute to warm up before taking off and then it's fine.
- Everything is original...including suspension, motor mounts, etc..

-This car eats odometers. The first odometer was replaced at 13k miles by the dealer, and is documented w/placard on car frame.
-The second odometer failed at ~60k miles (after I had purchased the car). I replaced it with a used odometer I got on TurboBricks (w/231k; now has 246k). This odometer works but the fuel gauge and engine temp only work intermittently. I still have the original odometer.
-Car deserves to have its original odometer repaired. AuslanderVLV quoted me $400 to go through it completely -- new gears, capacitors, re-solder the board, etc. Southern Electronics in Richmond, VA quoted me $225 for a similar service. The odometer can be adjusted to reflect the 14k miles that have since been added over the last couple years.
-I've got all the docs / carfax / forum history to confirm 73k as accurate if there's any concern about that.

I've never had a significant issue with this car and wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere.
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