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So i recently purchased a 1992 Volvo 960, RWD, 32 valve I6, some info/issues about the car:

- 164,000 kms
- Very good condition with virtually no rust, absolutely no rot.
- The Nivomat rear shocks are shot the the rear end sags ($1000 CANADIN to replace).
- Parking break is broken.

But, the main issue is the transmission. I get the flashing arrow and the flashing WSE switch
and error code 2-3-2 for the transmission. its very sparatic(seems to only happen once the car is warmed up) but the
transmission will slip so bad it seems to "let go" of the gear and shift itself into neutral(slipping?). Also the car
has a horrible time shifting and i usually need to put it into L then 3 then D to get it to get up to speed.

I replaced the rear ABS/Speed sensor that is located in the rear Differential ($350 and, as per error code) which made
the car seem perfectly fixed for about two days but then when driving in heavy snow on slippery roads the issue is back in
full force.

Does anybody have an idea of whats going on?

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